Sunday, 19 January 2014

Stunning captains chair pair in graphite!

I saw these sad dark-wooden beauties at auction last week and knew they would look amazing in a dark shade. I chose Graphite as it has such a sultry, grown-up finish, just what these pair needed to bring them back into the 'modern chair arena!'
Originally I thought they would be beautiful as desk chairs, but paired at the dining table in a mixy-matchy style is where its at for me! A look similar to these...
Abigail A Hern
Then I find this image, on the very day that the chairs are finished via Pottery Barn and it totally looks like I'm a style-stealer! Rather I just found a stylist with equally as FANTASTIC TASTE AS ME!!!
Pottery Barn...grr!
Anyway, here is my slightly-less-styled pair of captains chairs...enjoy :)



Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Curved 4 drawer chest

Here is a stunning little chest that I found for sale. The story goes that it was brought over from England in 1940 - not sure of the exact age but it's certainly travelled the world & seen a few sights, which only adds to its charm! A rare find around here with its curved frontage. 

The varnish was in a sad state so I decided just to clean it up,smooth off the finish and use a two-tone style with navy blue & taupe paint to create a really different little set of drawers. The cute knobs compliment the colours and add just enough charm and detail! I can see it between boys single beds, a fab height for a night-stand?
Love this piece, but sorry, my photography seems to be on a slippery slope! :)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gorgeous mid-blue shelving unit

Yesterday was a painting in the sunshine kinda day :) I finished this shelving unit with white base and mid-blue top coat, so that on distressing the two colours peep through, along with the wood. This gives the piece a really interesting finish with more depth than single-toned pieces.
It was fairly time consuming painting the shelves inside and out in several layers, but I love the effect of the matt blue inside and out! Classic, beachy, kids???

Carved mirror

Everybody loves mirrors! They can make such a feature of a flat, plain wall or open up small spaces. This lovely carved mirror was dark green, not too awful but I thought it needed cleaning up with some classic antique white shades. I have painted and distressed, and then layered it with dark wax and more paint it so that now looks aged but subtlety!
More like a piece of art than a mirror, at 900x900, it could be at home anywhere!

Cool stools ;)

I found a pair of second hand stools with a lovely classic shape and knew they'd look great painted up. Similar to the bentwood stools I painted a few months ago, I just thought I'd try a two-tone effect.

Gorgeous baby blue & latte shades have made these into a stunning, unique pair for the lovely lady who bought them. I just know she will love them for years to come!
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