Sunday, 23 February 2014

Funky playroom setting!

I had the idea to team up two of these lovely knitted pouffs with a small, weathered table for a funky kids settingSuper comfy cotton knit and a hypoallergenic polystyrene filling, lightweight, versatile and excellent for core strength and balance!

I found this antique pine table, 780mm in diameter for sale in the heart of Fremantle. The lady I bought it from said it had been in the family for many generations. It was in need of a sand to take away some old, flaking varnish and some fresh white paint on the legs. I have limewashed and sealed the top to give it the ultimate relaxed beachy feel!
I have left many of original the dents and dings in the top surface, as I feel a they tell a beautiful story about the pieces' history.
What is so lovely about these three items, is that once the children have gone to bed, the adults have a coffee table and two footstools for the evening :)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Have you met Henrietta?

I have used Annie Sloans Henrietta to change a boring cherry-red toned set of shelves into a playful pink piece! Henrietta is a mix of pinks, lilacs and mauves, a pretty and soft colour. Here are some pieces I found to highlight its abilities...
Swoon Worthy Boutique
Stylish Patina
Old House True Love

And look at these pops of a similar shade used in these beautiful rooms....
You may think on first glance that it isn't your cup of tea, but by using a grey wash inside the shelves, the colour acts very differently. Could work amazingly as quirky kitchen or linen storage?  These colours are so versatile with blues, greens, creams etc...go on, think outside the box!




Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Instant storage in colour!

I have a wall in the kitchen with a large canvas print hung above a good stretch of kitchen bench and it all looked fine, but the surface was ALWAYS cluttered with school letters, cooking mags, odds and sods... and just never organised! I remembered that I had the top half of a kitchen dresser in the workshop, basically redundant. The painted dresser never sold (although I had endless compliments and remain firm that it was a gorgeous pieces!). I decided to list the bottom half as a buffet and that flew out the door. So today I pulled the shelving section out and dusted it off. I heaved it up onto the bench top and VIOLA! Such fantastic, instant and stylish storage. It seems to give the kitchen a more rustic and traditional feel.
I was nervous about the pale blue of the dresser and my aqua walls, but I love the contrast! Don't you just love it when things just work :)
I had THE MOST clicks on my FACEBOOK page from this photo above, which was very unexpected! I have another two-toned piece in the pipeline so lets hope its as popular as this!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Washed Hamptons-style tallboy

Bit of a funny tale to this sad little tallboy (that was). I had in my head to go beautifully clean and white, pristine and pure with no distressing. BUT, I really struggle with white pieces, it must be the stage of life I am at, not even I can keep them pure white through to the waxing stage! Then I start to think about delivery (arggh, always scary for me with precious cargo!) and the practicalities of not one little bump, scratch, crayon mark (heaven forbid that!!) but the truth is that lots of the lovely ladies I sell to have little ones (as do I popping in and out all day) and really busy homes too.
 So clean, crisp white wasn't happening! Late last night, I went with a duck egg wash....and HOW LOVELY IS IT?!
It's a really unusual paint-style for me (those who follow me might not think so), but I really enjoyed creating it and LOVE how its looking in my house ;) I have had lots of lovely comments too. It is for sale however!

Look how the top pops up! There were labels such as 'Gloves' and 'Handkerchiefs' in this section but very faded so I didn't leave them there. This could look beautiful in a nursery don't you think?

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Peacock blue hall stand

I have called this peacock blue as its almost teal, almost green, almost turquoise...whatever colour, it's beautiful! A little different and bold for me, but imagine it against weathered brick or a panelled cottage!
I have used it to paint this gorgeous hall stand which would be equally at home as a small desk. It's a South African antique piece, solid wood with one little character drawer and original pull. Beautiful turned legs and a cute, upright shelving section.


No distressing which I'm loving on this old piece, just buffed up with wax for subtle shine and protection. Very interested to see who goes for this lovely piece :)

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