Monday, 10 February 2014

Washed Hamptons-style tallboy

Bit of a funny tale to this sad little tallboy (that was). I had in my head to go beautifully clean and white, pristine and pure with no distressing. BUT, I really struggle with white pieces, it must be the stage of life I am at, not even I can keep them pure white through to the waxing stage! Then I start to think about delivery (arggh, always scary for me with precious cargo!) and the practicalities of not one little bump, scratch, crayon mark (heaven forbid that!!) but the truth is that lots of the lovely ladies I sell to have little ones (as do I popping in and out all day) and really busy homes too.
 So clean, crisp white wasn't happening! Late last night, I went with a duck egg wash....and HOW LOVELY IS IT?!
It's a really unusual paint-style for me (those who follow me might not think so), but I really enjoyed creating it and LOVE how its looking in my house ;) I have had lots of lovely comments too. It is for sale however!

Look how the top pops up! There were labels such as 'Gloves' and 'Handkerchiefs' in this section but very faded so I didn't leave them there. This could look beautiful in a nursery don't you think?

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