Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Custom hall table

was asked to refinish a hall table for a friend. She knew she liked my 'country chic' style, fancied an antique shade of white and left the rest to me. Here is the table on delivery.... 
I gave the piece 2 coats of chalk paint and distressed it in all the classic areas to give the impression of age. .

I fancied leaving the drawers paint free and sanding back the drawers to reveal a lighter tone of wood, which looks fab against the light paint work.


First I tried the crystal knobs, but thought that the more casual look of the white pumpkin style suited the table better. 

Either way, she will look great performing her duties back in the hall where she belongs ;)


Monday, 29 July 2013

Painting in the winter sunshine

I love finding pieces like this table, simple and clean in shape, easy to add colour to and bring back to life! 

I have used grey, white and black to lovingly add charm and character to this handy, slim piece. Hall/sofa/console table, side board?? Many uses for a something that could fit beautifully in many different homes.

A touch of paint, weathering and wax and she's good to go!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Ladders as storage

I love the idea of visible storage; think hooks, ladder shelving....
Storage Geek

I started thinking about how the ladder structure could work so very well storing but also showing off your possessions. I have seen them used as towel rails in hotels before now, which is a great idea (and I love, but haven't come across one that is heated yet!)

So I created a ladder structure and knotted jute rope to hang it on the about storage for magazines/books in the toilet? Or keeping kids books in a low, reachable space?

Or displaying the next few days clothes for your little one?

This is such a simple idea, but I really think that it is quite clever.

Anything to help with the clutter, especially with a little lady in the house ;)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Retro chest

I always have a small chest of drawers as a bedside table, I do tend to have lots to keep all together so a small bedside affair just wouldn't cut it! Large reading lamp, stack of books, plate of jewellery, iPhone, hand cream, photo know the deal! Surprisingly there aren't many pictures online of this clever little switch, everyone else must be far more organised that me?? I love these few that I did find....
House Beautiful
The Painted Hive
I found a little retro chest for sale last week, I cant seem to find a picture of the before, sorry. But just to say that I literally sanded down her drawers, chalk painted the chest itself and waxed her thoroughly twice. She sold very quickly to a lady I know has heaps of style, so she's off to her new home next week :)

Beats boring matching bedsides any day!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Big Blue Dresser

A friend asked me if I could paint her kitchen dresser in the French-country style that we both love...

I was really impressed with the shape, but she could definitely be improved upon in terms of colour and texture, somehow blue on white just seemed to scream at us. She would still be traditional, a definite focal point for the far wall as you enter the home, but also subtle enough to love for many years to come!

So, with a coat of white and two of blue, clear and dark wax, this beauty just commands attention. New mushroom knobs give her a lovely modern twist, so she's all ready to go home. I think she's stunning!


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sign Sucker....

I am a bit of a sucker for signs around the home. Nothing too cheesy and subtle is the key, but whilst raising a young family, there are times in the day, quiet moments when reading something powerful that resinates to your core (which is why you would have chosen it in the first place) can lift you up out of a flat place. 
 I used some old boards, chalk paint and copied some of my favourite fonts to re-create the vintage look I love so much....I'm really pleased with the results!

What would yours say??

Friday, 5 July 2013

Furniture Re-finishing

You know those pieces of furniture in your home, they've been there a while, you wouldn't choose them again, maybe the colour or fixtures really bug you, they looks out-dated or plain ugly?
 But sometimes that piece has sentimental value, it's an antique or has belonged to the family for ever, it was a gift and you keep it because you should or it's just damn useful! These large, key pieces of furniture may come in and out of favour with you in the looks department, but they WORK, they are functional and are always pricey to replace! So why not just look at these items a little differently, think about modernising their colour scheme, texture or fittings? I have refinished several pieces in the last few weeks for customers and myself and they now fit into their rooms like a dream.
Wooden reading bench...
Kids shelving (Bali style, nice and orange ;))
Ugly out-dated office chair from garage!
Great sideboard/sofa table
I just wanted to highlight, how with a little effort and time, those ugly items can be transformed quite easily. More before and afters coming very soon....what have you got to update? ;)
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