Sunday, 19 January 2014

Stunning captains chair pair in graphite!

I saw these sad dark-wooden beauties at auction last week and knew they would look amazing in a dark shade. I chose Graphite as it has such a sultry, grown-up finish, just what these pair needed to bring them back into the 'modern chair arena!'
Originally I thought they would be beautiful as desk chairs, but paired at the dining table in a mixy-matchy style is where its at for me! A look similar to these...
Abigail A Hern
Then I find this image, on the very day that the chairs are finished via Pottery Barn and it totally looks like I'm a style-stealer! Rather I just found a stylist with equally as FANTASTIC TASTE AS ME!!!
Pottery Barn...grr!
Anyway, here is my slightly-less-styled pair of captains chairs...enjoy :)




  1. Very nice! Your chairs and pairing with the table look much nicer than the Pottery Barn style.

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  5. Blue is nice, but we had these when I was little... and they were just plain wood... God, I loved those chairs...😌😖😞😢


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