Friday, 25 October 2013

Itty bitty ladder

Today has been really warm! Yippee! A real taste of summer here in WA. Everyone having fun in the garden. Not loving the mozzies however :(
Anyway....don't you just love these cute lil' ladders?
Inspiration for home
Home beautiful
I found one in a garage when I was buying some other furniture and the lady was happy to sell it. It's been well used, so definitely just a display object, (its strong, I just don't want accidents on my conscience!) I gave it a coat of pistachio, then white chalk paint and distressed and waxed it. New cotton rope makes it all together a lovely little feature piece for a nursery, home office, outdoors for your coffee???

The ladder is 80cm high and approximately 60cm wide :)

Monday, 21 October 2013

Childs desk/sewing table & antique stool

I found this little desk for sale very locally, the elderly lady who was selling it had used it for her sewing table, however I think it lends itself to a little persons desk very easily too.
It was coffee-brown gloss, not so desirable really, but able to see past the unfortunate colour and cute shape, I fancied making it into a bright white romantic piece, sealed with wax for protection and glammed-up with new hardware.
 So I was thinking along the lines of a very clean piece, but as I started working on it, I noticed the small character dents and nicks, it seemed to be calling out for a little bit of weathering! Some pretty paper to line the drawer and cupboard and I think we have a cute little piece to find a home for!
The stool is made in Czechoslovakia (as carved underneath) - the seller said that her Mother bought it many years ago, so we can assume this is an antique piece, its very well made and still strong and fits perfectly with the little desk. 

One more before and after!
PS. The hardback book on the desk is by Rachel Ashwell, Couture Prairie, such beautiful images of her new (but very vintage) Texan ranch - really inspiring!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Chunky cutting boards

These were fun & fast to make! Some off cuts of bamboo from another project, painted with chalk paint and then conditioned all over with coconut oil. Perfect as a chunky, tasty platter for the up-coming summer months :)



Sunday, 13 October 2013

Piano stool make-over - nice legs!

A good friend brought me her piano stool which had been in the family for many years but was looking very sad. A beautiful, traditional shape, but just not really in-keeping with todays modern family style. The seat had totally collapsed so wasn't even serving its purpose. 
 When I started to take it apart, it was many, many layers of horse hair and hessian with approximately 7oo,ooo nails to hold it all together!! 
 We discussed the look we wanted to achieve and with quite modern tastes, my friend and I settled on trying to bring the wood back to a lighter shade and along with a new seat and funky fabric, it would then fit perfectly into the family home, all new and ready for many bums!
But, it wasn't meant to be! The stain in the wood was so deep, there wasn't a hope of bringing a lighter shade back, so plan B was using paint. I LOVE painted furniture, but when the piece is antique (and its someone else's!!) its pretty daunting. Anyhoo, we braved it and decided on a classic and subtle taupe colour and then a fabric to coordinate. I love how it turned out, so does the piano player thankfully! She's certainly going to find it more comfortable practicing ;)
We have also decided on a small crystal knob in the centre of the drawer, that's for the next trip over their way! We've already started thinking about a piano to match....;) 

Monday, 7 October 2013

A painted kitchen

I love a painted dresser/hutch (called different names across the world!) - it's quite a strong English look I think, there are some amazing painted furniture options available over there, not so many in Australia I've noticed. There's just something really homely and warm about this look for me.
Laura Lee Burch
Little Yellow Barn
So here is my interpretation of the painted dresser look using chalk paint, the main body in a bone white and the the internal section in a beautiful bright blue. Lightly distressed and sealed with wax for protection. 

I'm really pleased with how it turned out! Great storage and eye candy for someone, she's currently for sale.
A little bit of 'thumage' in a few shots there, sorry, must do better :)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hamptons Beach TV Cabinet - tres popular??!

I love that bright white & wood feel in a room. Its very fresh and easy on the eye! I had been staring at this TV cabinet for EVER trying to decide what to do with it...some colours, styles just come to you before the item is even out of the shop/auction, but others sit....and sit....and wait and then it comes!
Lets visit the Hamptons!
You get the idea...bright whites and the warmth of wood were my inspiration.
The piece was plain mid-toned pine, I sanded back the top and re-stained and waxed it, then gave the body several coats of chalk paint. It has a lovely matt texture to it, very unassuming but totally charming once in its place (like one of those girls from school who has a clever knack of looking all coy, but totally knows they are gorgeous!!) 

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