Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hamptons Beach TV Cabinet - tres popular??!

I love that bright white & wood feel in a room. Its very fresh and easy on the eye! I had been staring at this TV cabinet for EVER trying to decide what to do with it...some colours, styles just come to you before the item is even out of the shop/auction, but others sit....and sit....and wait and then it comes!
Lets visit the Hamptons!
You get the idea...bright whites and the warmth of wood were my inspiration.
The piece was plain mid-toned pine, I sanded back the top and re-stained and waxed it, then gave the body several coats of chalk paint. It has a lovely matt texture to it, very unassuming but totally charming once in its place (like one of those girls from school who has a clever knack of looking all coy, but totally knows they are gorgeous!!) 

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