Monday, 21 October 2013

Childs desk/sewing table & antique stool

I found this little desk for sale very locally, the elderly lady who was selling it had used it for her sewing table, however I think it lends itself to a little persons desk very easily too.
It was coffee-brown gloss, not so desirable really, but able to see past the unfortunate colour and cute shape, I fancied making it into a bright white romantic piece, sealed with wax for protection and glammed-up with new hardware.
 So I was thinking along the lines of a very clean piece, but as I started working on it, I noticed the small character dents and nicks, it seemed to be calling out for a little bit of weathering! Some pretty paper to line the drawer and cupboard and I think we have a cute little piece to find a home for!
The stool is made in Czechoslovakia (as carved underneath) - the seller said that her Mother bought it many years ago, so we can assume this is an antique piece, its very well made and still strong and fits perfectly with the little desk. 

One more before and after!
PS. The hardback book on the desk is by Rachel Ashwell, Couture Prairie, such beautiful images of her new (but very vintage) Texan ranch - really inspiring!

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