Sunday, 13 October 2013

Piano stool make-over - nice legs!

A good friend brought me her piano stool which had been in the family for many years but was looking very sad. A beautiful, traditional shape, but just not really in-keeping with todays modern family style. The seat had totally collapsed so wasn't even serving its purpose. 
 When I started to take it apart, it was many, many layers of horse hair and hessian with approximately 7oo,ooo nails to hold it all together!! 
 We discussed the look we wanted to achieve and with quite modern tastes, my friend and I settled on trying to bring the wood back to a lighter shade and along with a new seat and funky fabric, it would then fit perfectly into the family home, all new and ready for many bums!
But, it wasn't meant to be! The stain in the wood was so deep, there wasn't a hope of bringing a lighter shade back, so plan B was using paint. I LOVE painted furniture, but when the piece is antique (and its someone else's!!) its pretty daunting. Anyhoo, we braved it and decided on a classic and subtle taupe colour and then a fabric to coordinate. I love how it turned out, so does the piano player thankfully! She's certainly going to find it more comfortable practicing ;)
We have also decided on a small crystal knob in the centre of the drawer, that's for the next trip over their way! We've already started thinking about a piano to match....;) 

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