Saturday, 24 May 2014

Op shop find turned chalkboard

I found this large, dated print in a second hand shop a few months ago which I knew would come in handy somewhere down the track. I have played with the idea of keep in the frame gold (LOVE a bit of gold!) but had a neater idea one night to cover the whole piece in Graphite....
This stuff is a beautiful, rich deep grey, more interesting than plain old blackboard paint. There are some great DIY chalkboards out there, a few of my favourites include...
Dear Lillie
D├ęcor Pad
And here is mine...(complete with cranky angel ;)
Getting more into it..
I like how casual the piece has become with the graphite. Just got to find a wall to hang it now.

Minty cupboard love

I have been wanting to paint something in a mint green shade for AGES! I don't have a lot of this beautiful shade in my home to be honest, but it is definitely one of those colours that catches my eye whether it be furniture, home wares, room colour etc.....
Making Home Base
 Interior Revolution
So this antique cupboard came home with me and it had a ghastly cherry stain on it. I decided this would be the piece to get mint-ed! I painted it all over, hardware included (which I don't often do, but love in on this piece) and sanded back the top to reveal a lovely mid-toned timber. I buffed a white wax into this to emphasise the weathered, beachy look and then simply lined the drawer.

She sold quickly, so there are some other mint fans out there for sure - i'll definitely paint in this shade again soon! :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

You know you need a shoe cabinet....

I was keen to start painting again when we returned from a beautiful break visiting family in the UK. Fuelled with masses of inspiration from the rich history & beauty of my home country, it was hard to know where to start!
I had purchased a small, antique shoe cabinet at the local auction house a few weeks before we left and thought that maybe a cute & petite project like this would be a good place to start. And we all love Annie Sloan's Duck egg ;)
This lil' beauty would double up as a really stunning hall stand or bedside...I hope it's neat size finds it's way to the perfect spot in someone's home soon :)

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