Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New Year!

I hadn't forgotten about my blog, life just got busy! 
I literally looked at my stats today after months of hiding and see that there has been a constant, steady stream of visitors coming to see what I do...I do plenty, honestly (!)...just haven't been talking about it in many other places than via my INSTAGRAM account and my FACEBOOK business page! Look me up if you haven't already done so, I'd love to meet you - & thanks for being here :)

I got a new look design for my swing tags and business cards which I have had some great feedback about. I have been continuing with my custom furniture painting (not so much of the sourcing and buying over the last few months) but I can feel the urge rising in me again!

 Pom-pom Garlands

 Wooden Words

Stunning Giant Rulers

Hand-poured Soy Candles

I have also been pretty focused on the home-wares side of my little business. I did a few markets with some of my products; a pop-up shop with a gorgeous art collective, joined the local art trail, had a Christmas-shopping do here at home and they all sold really well. Phew! I will re-jig my blog with a little help in the coming weeks so that the are available to see here. I am also supplying the gorgeous LOFT boutique in Bridgetown, a stunning little store with all homemade stock.

Literally in the last few days I received the Annie Sloan/Real Homes Magazine 2016 calendar and see that my geometric sideboard is gracing the front! SO exciting as every single page has such stunning work on it. Then today, an email from the lovely ladies at House & Garden Australia saying that they have included my fabric wall as part of their 'Show & Tell' section this month! Thank you!

Faaaabric on your walls!

And finally...my lovely, noisy family and husbands' business continue to grow and need me more than ever to be Mum, wifey, farm-hand, cook, cleaner, laundry lady, host to visitors, gardener, rabbit keeper and dog rescuer! Its all fun, highs and lows all rolled in to one busy, creative & fun life. I hope you are well and happy as you read this today - return reader or new to drip designs! You are very welcome.
B x


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