Thursday, 23 October 2014

First 2 Painter in Residence pieces

My first 2 Painter in Residence projects have been released via Annie Sloan's blog! I have had a great response to both pieces. Here are the before & after shots - as we all love those!

So this console was dated and too shiny for my liking! I used Provence, Greek Blue & Pure White to create the ombré effect and those shades again on top for the Moroccan tile-effect pattern. The piece was waxed for protection, an aged effect and a beautiful subtle finish.

For my children's wardrobe, I mixed a cute soft peach using Barcelona Orange & Pure White, then created a random spotty pattern using mainly a cork and pencil tip to print (then neatening up with a fine brush) in Pure White. The inside is painted in Provence which is a stunning contrast to the orange tones.

Thanks to everyone who has been so kind with the reveals, its full-on painting with so many people ready to comment and judge your style - its all been really lovely though!
2 down, 4 to this space :)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

New header & last weeks pieces!

So the school holidays have been and gone, hence my absence on the blog!. I'm always pottering away in the workshop/back deck with some form of paint project. Our school holidays are generally quite homebound with the farm, so lots of time to play around, but not much time to write!

A few weeks ago my friend and I had a rummage through one of her farm sheds and we found quite a few hall tables/cupboards, strangely none with tops. (Hence all the driftwood style inspiration!) I had a local customer looking for a hall table and she was keen on Coco, by Annie Sloan. Here it is with a coat of Pure White and Coco on top.


I went even more rustic with this recycled top, sanded it smooth and used dark wax to seal it. I love the natural curve on the front of this piece.

The same customer was also looking for a larger surface area in the form of a table. This piece below has been knocking around in the workshop for a while, sometimes, but not very often, I'm not completely un-decided on a colour for my furniture, so it just stays gathering dust, waiting its turn!


I felt the need to go very rustic with this piece, layers of Paris Grey, Old White, and Duck Egg, along with some sweat when distressing! 

P.S. do you like my new blog header? Adorned with my Painter in Residence badge ;)

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