Thursday, 23 October 2014

First 2 Painter in Residence pieces

My first 2 Painter in Residence projects have been released via Annie Sloan's blog! I have had a great response to both pieces. Here are the before & after shots - as we all love those!

So this console was dated and too shiny for my liking! I used Provence, Greek Blue & Pure White to create the ombré effect and those shades again on top for the Moroccan tile-effect pattern. The piece was waxed for protection, an aged effect and a beautiful subtle finish.

For my children's wardrobe, I mixed a cute soft peach using Barcelona Orange & Pure White, then created a random spotty pattern using mainly a cork and pencil tip to print (then neatening up with a fine brush) in Pure White. The inside is painted in Provence which is a stunning contrast to the orange tones.

Thanks to everyone who has been so kind with the reveals, its full-on painting with so many people ready to comment and judge your style - its all been really lovely though!
2 down, 4 to this space :)


  1. Adorable.You have an intriguing eye for color combos. LIKE.

  2. love your wardrobe makeover, i would love to feature it, if that would be ok please let me know lauren

  3. Now that's creative. Both pieces are so original. I love that you are willing to take risks with your choice of colors. Please keep them coming.

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  6. All of these are really amazing and beautiful...I love to make these furniture designs which are too good for all of us...!


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