Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Instant storage in colour!

I have a wall in the kitchen with a large canvas print hung above a good stretch of kitchen bench and it all looked fine, but the surface was ALWAYS cluttered with school letters, cooking mags, odds and sods... and just never organised! I remembered that I had the top half of a kitchen dresser in the workshop, basically redundant. The painted dresser never sold (although I had endless compliments and remain firm that it was a gorgeous pieces!). I decided to list the bottom half as a buffet and that flew out the door. So today I pulled the shelving section out and dusted it off. I heaved it up onto the bench top and VIOLA! Such fantastic, instant and stylish storage. It seems to give the kitchen a more rustic and traditional feel.
I was nervous about the pale blue of the dresser and my aqua walls, but I love the contrast! Don't you just love it when things just work :)
I had THE MOST clicks on my FACEBOOK page from this photo above, which was very unexpected! I have another two-toned piece in the pipeline so lets hope its as popular as this!

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