Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mega exciting announcement for Drip Designs Furniture!

I am so very exited that I have been asked to be involved in Annie Sloan's new scheme, Painters in Residence!
Picture via Decomag
Painters in Residence is a scheme to promote high quality and interesting use of paint in the home, through the use of collaboration with different artists and Annie Sloan products. I have been invited to work with Annie as one of the first three Painters in Residence working between June and August. This is a residence in the sense of time, not place – unlike a lot of Artist in Residence projects.
Dovetail Vintage
Painters in Residence is a project that is being run worldwide, this includes the UK, Australia, North America, South Africa and Poland. 
Each photograph of our work will be watermarked with a Painters in Residence badge. The badge will also be given to us to use on our websites and online profiles – this shows that we have officially worked with Annie as a Painter in Residence.
I feel so very honoured that my work was spotted by someone, somewhere, sometime and thank that person wholeheartedly for this opportunity, they obviously have SWELL taste!! Wink.
Why not follow along with the Annie Sloan Facebook page.....
The other two artists that have been chosen at this time are -
Alex Russell Flint (France) -
Really amazing talent and incredibly humbling to be working alongside them.

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