Monday, 11 August 2014

Updating a lamp & shade with Chalk Paint™

Firstly apologies for lack of brilliant photography and step-by-step images! I wasn't planning on posting this project, but it turned out really well, just what I was here we go!

I found a lamp in a second-hand shop and I thought it might benefit from a little colour! The plain white shade was from target.
I have been loving orange and blue colour combinations, and had lose plans for a washed, blue effect on the shade. (That's the beauty of chalk paint, plans can be changed or painted over mid-project;))
Décor Pad
Darlings Doodle Design
Kat Kinson
I painted the base in Barcelona Orange and then by really wetting the shade, and slowly layering up the colours to let them bleed, I created a water-colour like effect with Aubusson Blue, Antibes Green and Old White.

I love how the shade changes colour depending on light in the house or whether the switch is on :)


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  2. Very creative! The guys at 122 Design did the same thing


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