Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Chippy white hall stand

I started these little drawers as one of my Painter in Residence pieces, but after my recent trip to Sydney and time spent discussing my projects with the Annie Sloan team, I decided against it. These drawers are very much my style, but I now feel that I need to push myself more when creating my six masterpieces in the next few weeks!

Using the leftover green ikat fabric from the little Coco chest, the sides are a modern and quirky surprise!

 The structure of the draws were very bad condition, so I made the decision to glue to the fronts of the drawers into place. Not really ideal in terms of storage, but only the owner would ever know and the top still acts as great, rustic surface area! 

I stripped the top back to its raw state, and simply waxed it to a gentle shine, a gorgeous little piece in a cottage or beach home setting?

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