Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Graphite chalk paint™, painted floors

If you follow my Facebook page, and you will see that I painted our very small toilet floor in the gorgeous Graphite Chalk Paint, decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Something had to be done with this silly room! We've only lived in our home nearing 5 years, but its almost as if the sheer ridiculous scale of this 'room' intimidated me in terms of decorating! I didn't know where to begin! I knew I didn't want to spend heaps of cash, as we still have three small children, so perfect new floors in the main loo in the house wasn't an option :(

Seeing as the tiles were rather offensive in the first place, I thought I'd have a go at painting them in graphite. Knowing that it would stick initially, I gave it 2 coats and then another 2 coats of a floor varnish, then 2 days to cure on top.
Whilst decking out this tiny room, I decided to paint the door in Greek blue (and give it a new porcelain handle) and paint the walls in Paris Grey.

Our next job is the floor outside of the loo (which has been a faux cherry wood lino, yuk). I will keep you posted on how the tiles are doing with all the family traffic. They are definitely a huge improvement and I'm loving the dark shade which draws your eye immediately :)

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