Sunday, 23 November 2014

Annie Sloan Painters in Residence - Dump Desk!

My third piece was given to me by a friend who found it at the dump, we originally thought that we would paint it up for her daughter, but then they found a ready-to-go pink desk so this one slowly rotted away at the back of our wood shed. Here she is in all her glory! 
When we dug her out, my hubby gave her a new top.
My colour palette was in place before my design with this project. Pattern-wise, I love chevron but its been around for too long to simply copy, and too neat for me by all accounts. But using the well-loved pattern as inspiration, I wanted to find a more casual design. 

Michael Miller

 I simply used a ruler as a rough guide to paint my lines. So with a new top and paint job...

Can you pick the Chalk Paint shades?
For Annie's write up on the desk, jump over to her lovely blog... thanks for reading :)


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